1st Mar 2022
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PODCAST | Ep.2 Beautiful minds

Elle Bradley-Cox
Elle Bradley-Cox
World Changers

Delving in to our World Changer on neurodiversity, our podcast host Elle Bradley-Cox explores some Beautiful Minds

Whether it’s driven by the business case or the moral case, neurodivergent people are finally beginning to be valued by the mainstream, as several high-profile corporate announcements in 2021 show. But, to make sure this isn’t just a token moment, we need to disrupt hiring policies and change mindsets for the long term.

In this episode, we chat with Anthony Friel, who sits on the board of Neurodiversity in Business as chief community officer. He’s also a senior consultant at Deloitte, bringing his business expertise and insights to the charity. But, before that, Hester Lonergan, Russell Norton and Elle Bradley-Cox get together to explore some beautiful minds

Guest interview

Anthony Friel, senior consultant at Deloitte.

    Want to skip to a specific section? Here‘s what we talked about:

    00:00 Intro to the episode.

    01:03 Roundtable with Elle, Hester and Russ

    • 01:10 Hester, what inspired you to write about this subject?
    • 04:54 Russ, from your perspective as a D&I champion, what conversations have you seen?
    • 08:50 How can we start to break down some of the cliches around neurodiversity?
    • 14:38 What considerations should we have for neurodiverse colleagues in the workplace?

      24:41 Interview with Anthony Friel, senior consultant at Deloitte

      • 25:12 Tell us about your work on the board of Neurodiversity in Business
      • 28:57 Where does your passion for helping neurodivergent people come from?
      • 31:52 What's changing the conversation in businesses? Is it allyship? Is it activism?
      • 36:09 Tell us about how intersectionality impacts the conversations you're having
      • 39:49 What does nurturing neurodivergence look like at Deloitte?
      • 43:56 What do HR and IC teams need to do to help move the needle?
      • 49:32 Who do you nominate as your 2022 World Changer?

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