1st Nov 2021
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PODCAST | Ep.10 A Question of Trust

Elle Bradley-Cox
Elle Bradley-Cox
World Changers

Diving in to another topic from our 2021 World Changers report, Elle Bradley-Cox has some questions about trust.

For too long, the perception of ‘getting the job done’ was tied to visibility. If an employee was in their seat, then they must be doing their job, right? We can debate the rights and wrongs of presenteeism, what we can’t deny is that it’s rife in business. Or it was, pre-pandemic.

Now, the challenge facing employers is a different one. Alarmingly it resulted in a sales boom of monitoring software. Now, as we find ourselves considering hybrid working models, how will the relationship between employee and employees shift? How do we maintain trust for those working remotely, particularly as some colleagues return to the traditional line of sight? Can trust ever be truly equitable? And what part does internal comms play in helping build that sense of colleague confidence?

Senior writer Patrick Halkett chose this theme as his World Changer for our 2021 report.

Later in this episode, host Elle Bradley-Cox chats with Rob Briggs, director of Graystone Communications, to explore his contribution to the IABC Global Handbook, looking at the different components of organisational trust. Before that, Elle and Patrick sit down to talk trust.

Guest interview

Rob Briggs, Director, Graystone Communications.

    Want to skip to a specific section? Here‘s what we talked about:

    00:00 Intro to the episode.

    01:29 Roundtable with Elle and Patrick

    • 01:33 Interesting that you chose to cover Trust again for World Changers. Are you a particularly paranoid person?
    • 03:18 You mentioned the rise of monitoring software. Do you think this is a sea change or just an initial knee-jerk reaction?
    • 04:28 In the report you talk about managers role in building trust. What is your view?
    • 07:29 Do you think we're at risk of bias in a hybrid workplace between people who are physically present, and those who aren't?
    • 9:20 What can we do to help foster greater trust in the workplace?
    • 11:59 Technology - a force for good or bad, when it comes to trust?
    • 14:00 What role does IC play in terms of organisational trust?

      18:38 Interview with Rob Briggs, director, Graystone Communications

      • 19:09 What did you discover about trust in your research for the chapter in the IABC Global Handbook?
      • 25:13 Has the pandemic had a positive or negative impact on organisational trust?
      • 31:13 Have you ever met a leader who didn't think organisational trust and truth was important?
      • 37:23 If trust has been eroded in a workplace, can it be built back?
      • 39:34 Is it possible to measure trust?
      • 42:28 What can IC teams do to foster truth in their organisations?
      • 48:20 Who do you nominate as your 2021 World Changer?

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