10th Aug 2021
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PODCAST | Ep.7 Bad education

Elle Bradley-Cox
Elle Bradley-Cox
World Changers

Diving in to another topic from our 2021 World Changers report, Elle Bradley-Cox goes back to school.

We don’t need no education. Or do we?

The current education system has long been based on a narrow and linear learning structure, assessed by arbitrary markers. At school we work towards grades that, on paper, indicate a level of competence. But when we move from learning to earning, we’re often ill prepared to meet our employers’ expectations. It can be quite the culture shock.

And what about those learners who march to the beat of their own drum? Busy teachers don’t always have the resources to offer the learning styles they need to thrive, so they don’t.

After a year of major disruption to our education systems, and with the world of work facing skills shortages and succession challenges, what can we do to bridge the gaps?

Senior consultant Alastair chose this theme as his World Changer for our 2021 report. Host Elle Bradley-Cox chats with Al and scarlettabbott marketing manager Kate Went to get their views on the journey from learning to earning.

And, later in the episode, guest Sarah Magee, professional development manager at the IoIC shares her thoughts on the future of the internal comms profession.

Guest interview

Sarah Magee, professional development manager, IoIC

    Want to skip to a specific section? Here‘s what we talked about:

    00:00 Intro to the episode.

    01:27 Roundtable with Elle, Alastair and Kate

    01.32 Al, why did you choose this theme?
    03:35 How important is talent attraction right now and how does it link to brand?
    07.19 What impact has Covid had on the education system?
    13.38 What about work experience. Is it worth it?
    16.38 What about diversity when it comes to talent attraction?
    20.04 What can we be doing to bridge the gap between learning and earning?

    23.20 Interview with Sarah Magee, professional development manager, IoIC

    23.51 Have your views on the education system changed since you wrote for our report?
    26.43 How can we, as IC professionals, help create meaningful change in the system?
    30.00 Are we seeing the IC talent pipeline changing now?
    33.02 What are the biggest skills gaps in our industry right now?

    36.55 Who would you nominate as your 2021 World Changer?

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