18th Aug 2021
3 Min Read

Who gives a shift? How hybrid working could change workplace culture

Culture & Insights

Maintaining a healthy culture isn’t something that just happens. It takes work and vision to make sure that any gaps aren’t crowbarred apart. Throw in remote working and that tricky situation becomes even more challenging.

Zoom fatigue, long days spent tuning in from our spare rooms and hearing the chime of the Teams alert in our sleep. Months of face-to-face famine definitely had a big impact on our wellbeing. But what did it do to our culture and our communications? And what about those on the front-line whose workplace never changed? Are there divisions of experience that could damage cohesion if left unchecked?

While every workplace is inherently unique, some truths are universal. And it’s never been so important to surface what our cultures truly mean to us.

Our panel explores how the pandemic changed and challenged our workplace cultures, how we can dig into our data to truly understand how our people are feeling, and what leaders and IC teams need to have on their radar as we step boldly into the future of work.

The expert panel:

  • Lisa Hawksworth, Senior Consultant, scarlettabbott
  • Paul McKinlay, VP, Communications & Remote Working, Cimpress & Vistaprint
  • Adam Brayford, Director, Global Internal Communications, Bananatag
  • Lottie Bazley, Advanced Communications Consultant, Staffbase

    Want to skip to a specific section? Here are the timestamps:

    00:00 Intro to the session and panel

    02:02 What is workplace culture?
    Can workplace culture be changed and who 'owns' it?
    Adam, you've experienced a merger. What did Bananatag and Staffbase do to mitigate a culture clash?
    "A company's culture is defined by the worst behaviours it will tolerate." Agree?
    What conversations are you hearing around how a hybrid culture can encourage hiring more diverse talent?
    Can a culture in a hybrid model ever be the same as office only?
    Should culture and values be directed by leaders or co-created by colleagues?
    Are corporate cultures really that different or are we all actually pretty similar?
    The culture at my organisation is drifting from it's original mission and culture. How can I help shift it back?
    We're transitioning to hybrid. The organisation wants survey people but we don't have a great history of doing this well. How can we emphasise how important this is?

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