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Storytelling for the modern era

Storytelling has fast become the IC buzzword of the hour, but what does that actually mean, and how do you create a compelling story?

1. Make your stories timely

A simple email with the subject “Send me any stories you might have” is never a reliable option, and like any good storyteller, being in the moment will help you to capture great stories as they happen. In the case of IC, this might be as simple as having the right tools in the hands of the right people. A simple ‘story’ submission app in the hands of a communications champion or a team leader is a simple and elegant solution and one that can be built in a matter of days, capturing timely stories that employees can relate to.


2. Bring your stories to life

You can bring a written story to life simply by giving it a thorough sub-edit and the right tone. However, just because you have a keyboard and a working knowledge of the English language, don’t automatically presume you’re the right person for the job. Get a second opinion and involve the right people early on who can cut through the business jargon and leave you with something that will create a connection with your audience.

And don’t forget, a story can be more than just the written word. Photos, illustrations, animations, GIFS, cinemagraphs, interactive PDFs, apps, microsites, video, 360 video, installations, and graphics are all at the fingertips of the modern communications professional (or agency).


3. Make your stories memorable

There’s a reason you can remember ghost stories and urban legends, but can’t remember a thing from yesterday’s investors call. Urban legends are memorable, and there are five steps to making a story stick in your mind.


4. Know your customers

The content industry has already come to the realisation that the days of targeting ‘audiences’ ala broadcast TV are numbered. Personalised, recommended content is the future. Big data, machine learning, and user profiles allow companies like Netflix to target specific content to specific users, and that’s exactly what’s going to become of modern storytelling in internal communications.

If you’re looking to take your IC storytelling to the next level, and would like some support from an award-winning team, then drop us a line.