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No matter what channels you have access to (or don’t) the holy grail for internal communicators is getting the right messages to the right people at the right times. A shiny digital platform will rarely solve all your problems, so our first question is always: how can we optimise what we already have?
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How to optimise your existing channel mix.

You need to take an objective view of what you have now

It’s easy to think that a new intranet or ESN will fill the gaps in your channel mix, but sometimes there are existing opportunities available that haven’t been taken advantage of yet. Our digital consultants can help you explore what you’re trying to achieve and what channels you have access to, in order to identify those opportunities and provide recommendations for making the most of them. Find out about our Digital Discovery workshop

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You need a particular channel to work harder

Sometimes the problem is obvious – a particular channel or regular communication just isn’t fit for purpose and is well overdue a refresh. Our consultants and designers can help you update the look and feel, the publishing strategy, the content, the operational instructions and / or the planning and population of the channel in order for it to add maximum value to your organisation.

Phase 2 3

You need to help people understand what channel to use for what purpose:

Having lots of different channels is ok if people know where to go for what information or functionality. If their expectations of a channel aren’t met by the content or features they find on it, there will be rapid disengagement.

What’s the purpose? Our consultants and creatives can help you articulate the core purpose of each of your channels and communicate it in a way that makes sense to your audience.

Phase 2 4

You need to make sense of your analytics:

Digital channels offer rich data, but sometimes this can be overwhelming or lack the context of the makeup of your particular organisation. By combining HR and organisational data with your platform’s analytics, our measurement specialists can help you identify the strengths and weaknesses in your channel and therefore where to invest your time and energy.

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