25th Jan 2024
3 Min Read

WEBINAR | Return of the mag: creating cut-through with print

Paige Lazonby
Paige Lazonby
IC & Engagement

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In our increasingly online world, it’s no surprise that screens, apps and notifications are the default settings for much of how we communicate. And that’s no different in the world of work.

But when there’s so much digital noise, our messages can sometimes fall a little flat. Cut-through can come in many forms, but one of the most effective, memorable and tangible formats is the humble magazine.

Despite naysayers proclaiming its demise, print is powerful and plays an important role in a rich communication strategy. But it does have flaws: cost, climate concerns and a curious creative process often mean print is passed over.

In this session Elle Bradley-Cox and Connor Faulkner are joined by special guests to dissect the potential of print, probe the problems behind it and discuss how it can play a powerful part in amplifying any IC channels suite.


  • Sara Hirsch, director colleague communications, British Gas
  • Rhian Moore, head of internal communications, GWR
  • Elle Bradley-Cox, senior editorial consultant, scarlettabbott
  • Connor Faulkner, senior writer and editor, scarlettabbott

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We had some great audience questions to discuss in this session. If you're interested in a specific one, here are the timestamps.

  • 1:47 - How does print fit into your org, does it still have a role to play in reaching an increasingly remote workforce?
  • 15:40 - What does print do that other media can’t?
  • 23:48 – What are the measures of success of using magazines within your organisations?
  • 30:50 – Is print a viable channel for an international organisation?
  • 34:39 – With sustainability high on people’s agenda, how can print fit in?

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