18th Feb 2021
3 Min Read

VIDEO | Mosaic content - break it up to break through

We are distracted, dividing our attention across different devices and demands. And that’s just in our downtime. At work, it’s even fiercer. People, projects and platforms jockey for position in the growing battle between urgent vs important.

For the internal communicator, cut- through is a challenge. But, out of all the noise comes an exciting opportunity to rethink our approach to content.

As consumers, we think in brands. We consume BBC News on TV, on our phones, on Twitter and via news alerts. We read our favourite magazine on paper, on the web and on Instagram. We look for the brand, not the channel. And we love choice. Sometimes a quick video clip, sometimes a long-form article: we’re demanding, we want our content when we want it, in a package that speaks to us.

Our audiences are varied, with people of different academic, linguistic and physical abilities. They’re neuro diverse, they’re motivated in a range of ways – and tailoring messages can help them land for everyone.

So, how can IC teams move with the times – and audience demands – to build their own internal brand that, much like a mosaic, brings each individual piece of content together to build a bigger picture?

In this session, senior writers Elle Bradley-Cox and Jacey Lamerton join special guest Chris Maloney (content and channels manager at Rolls-Royce) to explore why when it comes to content, sometimes we need to break it up to break through.

Our panel:

  • Elle Bradley-Cox, senior writer
  • Jacey Lamerton, senior writer
  • Chris Maloney, content and channels manager, Rolls-Royce

Watch the session:

A version of the session with closed captions is available here.

Want to skip to a specific section? Here are the timestamps:

00:00 Intro to the session

02:07 The current landscape of internal comms content

03:25 What do we mean by ‘mosaic?‘

05:10 Why did Rolls-Royce chose this approach to content?

07:35 What are the challenges and the successes?

14:08 The recent Burger King International Women‘s Day tweet clanger shows us that repurposed messages can go wrong. What should we watch out for?

16:45 Lets talk treatments. What are some of the ways we can excite our audiences?

28:00 Can you give an example of where the mosaic content has really worked well for a campaign?

36:58 What about front-line colleagues – how do we reach them?

Want a guide to mosaic content?

You‘ve got it. Our quick and handy walk-through gives you:

  • A breakdown of the content challenges we face
  • An explaination of mosaic content and how the approach works
  • Quick case study examples from global organisations.

Get the free guide.

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