12th May 2022
3 Min Read

VIDEO | Less is more. A constructive approach to comms

Elle Bradley-Cox
Elle Bradley-Cox
IC & Engagement

The news should be there to serve democracy and help people make informed, rational decisions.

But nothing grabs our attention more than sensationalised news and emotionally charged political opinions. The problem is that when political language seeps into the stories and opinions we consume, we’re driven to ignore the facts and believe what we want to.

The same principles apply to internal communication. In its most basic sense, it’s there to serve the people and inform them about their business so they make good decisions based on a shared purpose and vision. But how often do we hear that IC is spin with a fancier name?

So, how do we strike a balance between the two worlds of information and entertainment and create better content for sceptical audiences that gets consumed?

In this session, our expert panel explores:

  • Creating the right balance to avoid spin and sensationalism
  • Cutting through noise with credibility and authenticity
  • How to use measurement to listen and evaluate.


  • Matt Crabb, head of employee communications and engagement, De Beers Group
  • Catherine Jefferson, internal communications and engagement, Markel
  • Elle Bradley-Cox, senior editorial consultant, scarlettabbott
  • Lisa Hawksworth, director of consultancy, scarlettabbott

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