12th Jun 2020
3 Min Read

The future of leadership in a post-covid world

People & Change

There has never been a time when good leadership has been so needed.

In our webinar, scarlettabbott co-founder and director Rachel Thornton was joined by guest panellists:

  • Charlie Sampson, Executive Leadership Coach
  • Aileen O‘Toole, Chief People Officer, Prosus and Naspers
  • Michelle Fulford, CEO, Welsh Gymnastics

to discuss the impact of the past few months on leaders and what the road ahead looks like.

The panel talked about the current concerns of leaders, share examples of those whose communication has excelled or fallen short during the crisis and how leaders can navigate the undoubtedly difficult times on the horizon.

With internal communications and HR providing a critical role in supporting business leaders through this crisis, the talents and knowledge of these teams will continue to be a key asset in the months ahead.

Watch the full session

Looking for a specific question? Here are the timestamps

06:04 Charlie, how do you think people‘s expectations of leaders will change after the crisis?

08:33 Aileen, what has Prosus‘s response been to the crisis in terms of working across different territories?

13:20 Michelle, as CEO of Welsh Gymnastics, what leadership challenges have you been facing?

20:15 How can leaders promote a work/life balance when the two are blurred?

22:25 How can we balance increasing leader visibility with encouraging managers to also become more visible?

27:35 How can furloughed workers rebuild their relationships with key stakeholders when they return?

30:40 How can leaders help bridge the experience gap between employees who have stayed in the business throughout the crisis, and those who haven‘t?

36:10 How can leaders return to longer-term thinking?

42:00 With the Black Lives Movement following hot on the heels of Covid, what advice can you give leaders in being more authentic?

47:05 What do leaders need from their internal comms teams to ensure they remain a strategic partner in the months ahead?

51:07 What skills and qualities will you be looking for now that perhaps weren‘t as much of a priority, pre-pandemic?

54:30 What are the positives you will take from this time going forward, and the things you want to keep?

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