29th Mar 2021
3 Min Read

Webinar | Equipping leaders for long-term hybrid working

Daniel Lambie
Daniel Lambie
As we tentatively emerge from lockdown, we’re stepping into a changed world of work.

Although there’s much we’ve missed in the last year, it’s unlikely that we’ll see employees returning to the office five days a week. For many, a year of remote working has been the use-case needed to prove the value and viability of a more flexible approach to work.

But what does this mean for the culture of organisations and the role of the leader?

Remote working challenges traditional hierarchies and ways of collaborating. Fundamental shifts in mindset are required from leaders to make long-term hybrid working a success. There is no playbook, there is no ‘how to’ guide. So what do our leaders need to do?

Join senior consultant Daniel Lambie and Dr Nicola Millard, BT, as they explore the landscape for leaders in the coming months and how HR and internal communications teams can help bridge the gaps in a hybrid world of work.

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