11th Aug 2022
3 Min Read

Community spirit. Building an awesome online experience

Tony Stewart
Tony Stewart
IC & Engagement

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The past few years accelerated digital transformation. But the quick fixes rushed in to help our people adjust to remote working aren‘t necessarily the same solutions we need now. The same goes for our online communities. Without structure and a plan, even with the best of intentions, many of these spaces can go on to become a wild, wild west.

So, how can we build better?

In this session, we're joined by May Holloway, head of internal communications at British Transport Police. If you’ve listened to this month’s podcast (and you should, it’s cracking) you’ll have heard us waxing lyrical about the BTP project to launch Yammer internally. So, we’re really excited to be able to chat with May about it, and for you to put your questions to us about how to build a brilliant online community.

- What gets people invested in online communities?
- How can you keep them thriving?
- What are the pitfalls to avoid?


      • May Holloway, head of internal communications, British Transport Police
      • Tony Stewart, head of digital, scarlettabbott

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