1st Feb 2022
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VIDEO | Back to the future

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For a long, long time, internal communications seemed stuck in the same place as we asked the perennial question, ‘how do we get a seat at the table?’ It only took a global pandemic to force through 10 years’ worth of change in two years.

We reacted, we reflected, and now we stand ready to apply the lessons we learned.

The quote says: “Those who fail to learn from the past are doomed to repeat it.” So, how do we make sure we take the best and leave the rest? How to we make change stick and what do we, as internal communicators and agents of change, want our legacy to be?

In this session, lead behavioural scientist Lindsay Kohler and special guest Glenn Bonci explore the lessons of the past two years, how far internal comms has come, and what we want to take forward.

The expert panel:

  • Lindsay Kohler, lead behavioural scientist
  • Glenn Bonci, managing partner at HR Creative Group

      Want to skip to a specific section? Here are the timestamps:

      00:00 Intro to the session and panel

      04:33 Did we really see 10 years of change in two years?

      09:22 How can we now shift from reactive mode to more purposeful decision making?

      12:30 How do you manage competing stakeholder interests?

      17:34 How can IC teams push for long-lasting change?

      26:29 Due to fatigue, are our hybrid audiences now permanently harder to reach?

      35:40 How has the IC function evolved in the past two years? What's in our remit now?

      41:39 What are the biggest lessons you've learned? And what would you take forward, or leave behind?

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