1st Aug 2023
3 Min Read

PODCAST | Ep.7 Digital dark age. Plugging the information black hole.

Elle Bradley-Cox
Elle Bradley-Cox
IC & Engagement

When almost everything is in the cloud, and the amount of data we’re storing is reaching hundreds of zettabytes each year and growing, what happens when the servers crash?

Crisis aside, what happens when our cloud storage becomes full? How do we organise information and make sure that institutional knowledge isn’t lost and that our people have what they need to work collaboratively?

In the latest episode of the World Changers podcast, Elle Bradley-Cox explores this topic with veteran scarlettabbotter, Craig Bentley, who – with 17 years of service under his belt – is basically a walking server.

We also asked colleagues for their biggest filing bugbears and got some handy tips to help you never lose a document again.

    Listen to the episode

    Cut to the chase:

      • The scarlettabbott team share their file saving solutions – 01:06
      • Craig Bentley, head of creative consultancy, on sharing institutional knowledge – 04:29
      • How to avoid the dreaded “filename.final.final.v2a” – 07:30
      • A real-world example – 12:44

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