1st Jul 2023
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PODCAST | Ep.6 Don't @me

Elle Bradley-Cox
Elle Bradley-Cox
IC & Engagement

The digital working revolution has excited and inspired a generation of workers, who demand the benefits of remote working with digital connection. But now that many of us are connected with everyone, everywhere, all the time, that sense of community is shifting.

There’s no denying that digital platforms have changed the way we communicate, collaborate and create community, but now, we’re in an age of curation, purging our platforms and keeping our circles small.

In this episode, senior members of the scarlettabbott team share their tips for dealing with the daily deluge of notifications. Also, host Elle Bradley-Cox sits down with head of digital Tony Stewart for his take on the shrinking workplace network and the changing ways people and businesses are connecting online.

    Listen to the episode

    Cut to the chase:

    • Senior leaders at scarlettabbott share how they prioritise those pesky notifications – 01:34
    • Some socials statistics from the comms community – 05:18
    • Our head of digital Tony Stewart on the shifting attitudes to digital platforms – 05:39
    • Digital revolution and the P-word – 14:10
    • What businesses can learn from the gaming community – 17:26.

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