1st Mar 2021
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Elle Bradley-Cox
Elle Bradley-Cox
Behavioural Science

Diving in to another topic from our 2021 World Changers report, Elle Bradley-Cox explores how our time-poor distracted brains might be changing the way we produce and consume media.

Time stamped videos, estimated reading times, those little dots that show how many images are left to scroll through. It’s all about managing our expectations around time and effort. This is where our ‘busy, busy, busy’ culture has brought us.

And if it’s happening in our leisure time, you can bet it’s happening even more at work, where people, projects and pressures relentlessly compete for our consciousness and it can be a noisy place online. How can you prioritise information if everything’s important?

So, what can we, as internal communicators, do to cut through? Is there still a home for long-form content and what does good look like in a media-rich world of employee engagement?

Elle joins our head of creative Craig Bentley and senior writer Patrick Halkett to look at the changing media landscape, covering:

  • How IC content has changed over the past decade
  • What makes a senior designer swipe past
  • Whether there‘s still a place for long-form content
  • The role of audio in our comms

    Guest interview

    Elle also speaks with Paul Wells, professor of animation at Loughborough University.

    A director of the Animation Academy and an internationally established screenwriter and director Paul has worked across film, TV and radio, from Pixar to The Simpsons.

    Elle and Paul discuss how our own story arc is changing the media we consume.

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