17th Aug 2020
3 Min Read

PODCAST | Lindsay Kohler joins Andrea Mattis for No More Long Talk

Lindsay Kohler
Lindsay Kohler
People & Change

With our clients, we talk about using multiple channels for the same message because people have different learning styles and it increases the chance of someone seeing your message. I feel that way with sharing knowledge, too. Some love to read books and blog posts, others like videos, and still others enjoy putting on a podcast for a long walk at lunch.

As someone who writes a lot and hosts more formal webinars, there is something refreshing about the informal nature of conversation a podcast lends itself so nicely to. So, it was an absolute joy to be a guest on the lovely Andrea Mattis’ new podcast, No More Long Talk. We discussed my rather, er, unusual career journey; what we’re currently doing to make a positive impact on the world of work; how leaders can grow in their roles; and touched on the tough issues surfaced because of Black Life Matters.

Come take a walk with me at lunch and put on the podcast. Episode out now.

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