1st Aug 2023
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Hive: What’s all the buzz about?

Paige Lazonby
Paige Lazonby
People & Change

With a fully hybrid team scattered across many miles (and even across borders!), connecting can be a challenge, as well as finding opportunities for mentorship. Our solution? Hive.

Once a month, everyone sets aside 45 minutes in their diary to come together and learn from each other. In each session, two or three people from various departments present something that they’re passionate about.

This could be: a new process to streamline everyone’s day-to-day; training for a new piece of software they’ve found beneficial; showing off an awesome piece of work that they’re really proud of; or any other tips, tricks or knowledge drops that people want to share.

Creating a Hive mind

But these aren’t just mini lectures (oh nay nay). They’re informal, interactive sessions filled with questions, collaboration, encouragement and plenty of laughs.

“A particular highlight for me is the connection,” says Hive host and director of consultancy, Lu McKay. “We’re a diverse bunch with lots on our to-do lists, so Hive is a wonderful reminder of what connects us; our passion for learning, our fascination for finding ways to be even better and our desire to share. It really is the best of scarlettabbott.”

Hive also gives us a peek into each other’s day-to-day projects and ask questions. It’s a chance to see what people are passionate about – to learn together, laugh together and create a sense of community that can often be missing from remote teams.

We asked the team what they think:

Kate Went – marketing manager

“I’m a HUGE fan of Hive. It’s a great opportunity to down tools and learn something new. Seeing the passion for projects, better ways of working or examples of great work out there in the world always gets me inspired!”

Josh McRandal – senior creative

“Hive sessions are a great way to get a wider understanding of what goes on in and around the business. Being a designer, we can often only see one side; reading a finished document ready for design only tells part of the story. Seeing the influences, thinking and responses that go into creating the content can be fascinating and inspiring.”

Sophie Grace – project delivery manager

“Hive is a great opportunity for the whole business to come together and share ideas, new thinking and ‘even better ifs’. I always come away feeling like I’ve learnt something new and had fun in the process!”

Joe Keeney – project delivery manager

“When we’re often busy delivering for clients, Hive gives us the opportunity to stop and learn from the experience of colleagues across the business. We have a Q&A at the end which is a really good opportunity for us to build on each other’s ideas and, ultimately, develop the best possible work for clients.”

Andrew Kelly – senior creative

“Hive sessions are a window into what others are doing at SA beyond our own personal inboxes, which really helps enhance a sense of inclusion, ownership and pride in what we all do as a company. They’re invaluable for sharing our specialist knowledge and expertise with the wider team, something we wouldn’t have a chance to do in the day-to-day of projects alone. And they help keep us fresh, inspired, and on top of the latest and best practices.”

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