16th Jun 2021
3 Min Read

Future of work: ask a behavioural scientist

Lindsay Kohler
Lindsay Kohler
Culture & Insights

As the world of work shifts and changes, how will this evolution impact our people?

After months of major turbulence, HR and comms teams have a lot to tackle. From mental health and burnout to onboarding and ‘the great resignation’, bringing teams back together, post-pandemic won’t be without its challenges. But there are also incredible opportunities.

How can we create cultural cohesion in a hybrid workplace? How has trust changed in our organisations? And what do we need to be doing right now to foster greater diversity and inclusion as our talent pools widen?

Lead behavioural scientist Lindsay Kohler takes your burning questions on the future of work.

Watch the session

Want the timestamps? Here are the questions we covered:

00:00 Intro to the session

02:22 We put out a poll, asking for the most pressing hybrid/future of work challenges. Culture and wellbeing were neck and neck – what are your thoughts?

06:05 In the intro I mentioned ‘the great resignation’ – do you think it’s coming? How can employers guard against it?

08:39 It looks like a lot of organisations are going to allow more autonomy over choosing where to work. What are the risks to company culture?

12:13Irecently resigned from a long-term role. Any advice on exploring what I should go into next?

17.30 If you believe physical presence in the office is important to your culture, how do you protect that in the current environment?

20:11 What are some ways we can transition visual cues out of a physical environment and into a digital and remote/hybrid environment?

22:05 How can we help make remote learning stick, and how can managers help their team put new skills and knowledge into practice?

26:57 Are there any learnings about human behaviour we can apply to post-pandemic events?

29:06 How do you balance promoting welbeing and resilience, when individuals and teams are being asked so much in terms of delivery?

32:31 What are your predictions on attrition? Do you think colleagues will leave their current organisations if their employers’ approach to hybrid working isn’t aligned?

34:52 How can we help reluctant leaders see the benefits of continued remote working?

36:40 We’ve seen a motivation and morale rollercoaster over the past 18 months. Where do we go from here?

39:12 What do you see as the top three issues organisations will have to deal with in the next 12-24 months?

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