20th Oct 2023
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Different perspectives: an introduction to scarlettabbott’s design world

Paige Lazonby
Paige Lazonby
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Seventeen years ago, Craig Bentley, then a young junior creative, first walked through the doors of scarlettabbott. Now as head of creative consultancy, he has the chance to offer that same experience to the next generation of gifted creatives. He visited York University to find a promising young designer and introduce them to the working world of design. Enter Maddie.

At university, where everyone does the same lessons with the same marking criteria, it’s easy for portfolios to look very similar. “We were looking for someone who could bring a unique personality into their work and show us something different,” says Craig, “and Maddie did just that.”

The experience wasn’t just an apprentice working with some seasoned creatives, it was a learning opportunity for everyone. According to Craig: “Bringing in a more junior creative encouraged us designers to think about the processes that go into what we do every day – not to mention the fresh thinking that Maddie brought to the table. It was really beneficial to the team.”

To get her perspective, we asked Maddie a few questions about her time at scarlettabbott.

Thank you so much for your time with us Maddie! So, first question, what stood out to you at SA?

The community. Everyone genuinely cares for each other and it adds to the positive office environment. Also, the enthusiasm and motivation everyone has towards their day-to-day tasks.

Did anything surprise you?

All the different roles within the company and the steps everyone takes to make sure clients get the best possible outcome. Each role is like a puzzle piece of the bigger picture.

How did it compare to your university work?

It was different in many ways, but mainly the speed of projects. At university, you get a lot longer to work on things so it was very eye-opening to learn how to work faster with the same thought and care. That was a positive though – it wasn’t as daunting as it first seemed.

Did you get any information or advice that stuck with you?

Yes, there were a few things. Don’t be afraid to ask for help or for a different perspective. Everyone’s still learning and growing in their fields, no matter how senior their role is.

Knowledge and experience take time, I don’t have to do everything by myself and other people’s views and opinions will often make you see a project from a different perspective.

And – be honest – what could’ve made your time with us better?

Personally, I’d say nothing – I had the best time. Although I’d be interested in learning more about the writers’ side of the business and how they construct briefs with the clients. But this is a secondary personal interest.

You’re too kind! What advice would you give anyone else looking to spend time with SA?

If you’re given the opportunity, take it! You won’t regret it and you’ll learn so much about the design world. I am proud to have spent some time there.

Thank you for coming to work with us! So, what’s next?

After uni, I want to become a junior designer in a creative agency. I’d love to work with a number of clients on varied projects and keep expanding my skills and knowledge.

And they’ll be lucky to have you. Thanks again for joining us, Maddie!

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