27th Sept 2021
3 Min Read

Self and safety: Creating a psychologically safe workplace

Culture & Insights

18 months of Covid-19 related anxiety, a looming threat of climate devastation, political fractions, and a looming 'winter of discontent'. Never have we all felt so vulnerable at the same time. It’s an existential crisis on a global scale – and a fascinating anthropological study. So, what does a chronic feeling of vulnerability do to us?

Recognising our response to risk, and helping people address it, can give us the tools to banish the burnout that comes with chronic and sustained stress. How can we do that in the face of so many threats and challenges? Who has the responsibility of taking on that task? And where do you even start?

Join cultural anthropologist Dr Alex Gapud and D&I champion Russ Norton for a Q&A session as we explore the critical role internal comms and HR professionals can play in helping us all feel pyschologically safe at work.

The expert panel:

  • Dr Alex Gapud, cultural anthropologist
  • Russ Norton, head of client experience

      Want to skip to a specific section? Here are the timestamps:

      00:00 Intro to the session and panel

      01:35 What is psychological safety?

      06:40 What are the knock on effects that come form a lack of psychological safety in a workplace?

      12:26 What impact is hybrid working having on our sense of psychological safety?

      20:41 The impact of proximity bias

      24:55 What small actions can we take to encourage a sense of psychological safety?

      37.21 What can internal communicators do to steer leaders towards the traits of psychological safety?

      42:25 How can we help people cope with the anxiety of out of hours messages, even when they know they don't need to reply?

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