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1st Nov 2018
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6 tips for sizing up internal communications measurement

Lisa Hawksworth
Lisa Hawksworth
Culture & Insights

Evaluating the impact of internal communications on the organisation can be a tricky beast. Here are our six top tips to make your measurement hit the mark.

Print is popular

Printed surveys – whether that’s a little booklet or quick questions on a postcard – are great for communicating with hard-to-reach employees. Some employees even prefer them to online versions; they feel they’re more anonymous.

Plan, plan and plan

Underpin any research or measurement with a clear methodology so that your questions, and recommendations, are meaningful and give you the insight that you need – not just tons of analysis.

Sample sizes are still significant

You don’t need to survey everyone and risk employees getting bored of your research. Sample sizes – as long as they’re planned and targeted correctly – will still give you statistically significant information.

Think about the bigger picture

Contextualising your insight with other things that are happening inside, and even outside, of the business will add meaning to your measurement and help you to build, and share, the story of what’s really happening.

Focus on outcomes, not outputs

Test what you’ve learnt. Where colleagues are saying that they understand, check what that means for them through focus groups or selected interviews, or look for proof points in the business. If they’re saying they understand the new recognition scheme, find out if they’re actually using it.

Don’t ask questions you don’t need the answers to

Don’t waste a respondent’s time gathering information such as their name and email address if you’re not going to use it. Think about what level of detail you need to analyse the data, and don’t go any further than that.

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