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4 facts and a fake with Craig Bentley.

Meet the man who can, our Head of Creative, Craig Bentley.

Described by his colleagues as ‘lovely’ and ‘what a nice man’, Craig has been leading the way at the forefront of our creative brilliance for years. We caught up with the man himself to separate the fibs from the facts. His poker face is pretty good – can you guess what he’s keeping shtum about?

I was the first ever employee of scarlettabbott – time flies when you’re having fun

I once beat World Snooker Champion, Ronnie O’Sullivan at pool. I reckon I could do it again, too

I’ve completed the Monopoly pub crawl twice, which takes players around 26 stops of London’s finest boozers. There was no pass go, and I didn’t collect £200

I went to the same school as heavyweight champion of the world, Anthony Joshua. Thankfully for my ego, I was never in the same PE class as him

I won the Institute of Internal Communication’s Designer of the Year 2010 Award












FAKE: 2. I did once beat the World Snooker Champion at pool – but it was Peter Ebdon not Ronnie O’Sullivan. Ronnie’s next on the list.