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Within your organisation, line managers could be the difference between success and failure, survival or demise. But the challenges facing them have never been bigger or more complex. Do they have what they need to be the eyes, ears, mouth, heart and legs of our organisations?
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How to treat your line managers as an audience and a channel.

You need to set clear expectations:

Very few line managers get to where they are because of their communication and leadership skills. Our consultants can help you define and articulate what the bear minimum expectations for line managers are in terms of passing on operational, pastoral and engagement messages.

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You need to listen to line managers:

Line managers feel the pinch as they are communicated to from all directions. As a great source of insight about what’s getting in the way of them being great leaders, our consultants will run focus groups with your leaders to help you identify the blockers that you can help remove.

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You need to make the job of your line managers easier:

All too often, we assume that line mangers will sift through messages and identify what their teams need to know. Employee insight tells us this rarely works. Our consultants can help you process messages from stakeholders into crystal clear briefing packs that make it easier for your line managers to do what you need them to.

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