Problem-solving with behavioural science.

Different problems have different solutions. Behavioural science kicks problem-solving up a notch by helping you better understand why and when people choose to act — as well as when they don‘t.
Behavioural science
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Beh Sci Strategy

Increasing the effectiveness of your engagement strategy.

You want to understand the psychological and physical barriers preventing employees from taking the actions you want:

Whether it’s buying into an initiative, taking a one-time action, or creating ongoing and sustained habit changes, understanding the barriers is always the first step.

Phase 2 16

You want to identify behavioural-based interventions and brainstorm solutions:

Communication is just one prong of an effective engagement strategy. Understand and use defaults, ordering effects, reciprocity, and more.

Phase 2 17

You want to discuss and document communication approaches specific to your challenge:

This could include popular behavioral science concepts, such as framing, messenger effects, and more.

Phase 2 18

Your facilitator

Lindsay Kohler
Lindsay Kohler
Lead behavioural scientist

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