Problem-solving with behavioural science.

In this half-day interactive session, you and your team will work through the problem or initiative of your choice.
Suitable For
Internal communications and HR professionals looking to apply behavioural science best practices to business challenges
4 hours
Beh Sci Strategy

The workshop.

In this half-day interactive session, come prepared to make real progress on the problem or business goal of your choice:

  • You will learn the psychological and physical barriers preventing employees from buying into or acting upon your initiatives
  • You will then discuss behavioural-based interventions that work best for the barriers you identify, and brainstorm solutions
  • You will learn, discuss and document communication approaches that could work for your particular challenge, such as framing, messenger effects, and more.

You will leave the session with a clearer understanding of your key business problem and with ideas on new solutions to implement to improve engagement.

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Your facilitator

LINDSAY 800x800 Pixels portrait
Lindsay Kohler
Lead behavioural scientist

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