Explore the powerful communication potential of Office 365.

Ask any internal communicator about their view of Office 365 and their perspectives will vary, but almost all will agree that it has moved on a lot in recent years. O365 now offers a single environment in which to communicate, collaborate and connect. With such a vast array of apps and features, how do you guide people to the best ways of working?
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How to get the most out of Office 365.

You need an overall introduction to Office 365:

If you’ve been using a combination of Google Drive, Slack, Zoom and email, you might not be familiar with the equivalent platforms within O365. Our digital consultants can guide you through the suite of most commonly used apps and help you understand how they might add value in your organisation.

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You need to get more out of Office 365:

If Office 365 has been gradually rolling out in your organisation, there are likely to be pockets of best practise and large amounts of inconsistency. By listening to employees, our digital consultants can help you identify the ways of working on O365 that add most value to your organisation, and help identify some of the common barriers faced by your people.

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You’d like people to use Teams better:

Teams has powerful collaboration features that enable people to work asynchronously on a single project, no matter where they are or what device they’re on. In order to create an accurate archive for the future, it’s important to establish clear governance about how to use the platform and keep it maintained. Our digital consultants can work with you to identify the tools and guidelines you need to make sure everyone get the most out of Teams.

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You want Yammer to add real value:

Yammer’s role varies in different organisations. As a live-feed, it’s helpful for staying up to date with activity as it happens. However, if there’s too much going on then information can quickly get lost in the feed. Our digital team can help you work through our seven pillar plan to ensure that Yammer has a clear purpose, training, content and champions to drive the appropriate use, and governance and analytics to track its health.

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