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Co-creating values across the globe
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in a nutshell

Global Fintec Nex needed to create and embed their new values. We helped 10% of the workforce co-create them from the ground-up.


the challenge

How to truly engage colleagues in values elicitation and co-create the behaviours that bring values to life every day.

the response & delivery

We designed a programme to engage 10% of a global workforce in the elicitation of new company values. By harvesting ideas and suggestions from colleagues, we brought behaviours to life in a format that would resonate on a daily basis.

Our client wanted a single person to facilitate all of the workshops and gain a truly holistic view of the entire participant response. Co-founder Rachel travelled to Singapore, Tel Aviva, Stockholm, New York, New Jersey, Bristol and London to lead each workshop. The workshops explored the value of values, the current culture and future desired state, unpacked four proposed values and gained feedback and input to them. It also surfaced detailed opinion on the behaviours that would bring the values to life every day.







the impact

The feedback to the values was largely very supportive and colleagues fed back that the inclusive process spoke volumes about the collaborative culture the organisation was seeking to build. Based on feedback by participants, one the proposed values was changed and all the values descriptors/definitions were adapted.

what did our client say about it?

The whole process has been hugely positive for all those involved. The high number of participants who volunteered to be values champions and stay involved, shows how engaged they feel as a result. We made tangible improvement to the values themselves, due to workshops, and have a robust set of behaviours now to underpin the values every day. Expertly designed, facilitated and delivered. Thank you.

Nicola Hall, Head of Internal Comms and Creative, Nex