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27th Jan 2017
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When design breaks out. Creating immersive environments

Tony Beresford
Tony Beresford
Creative Content & Storytelling

In an increasingly digital world, the word ‘interactive’ is often most closely associated with digital, tech and connectivity.

However, print and physical design can be just as interactive – taking you on a journey of discovery and wonder. It turns out that the physical canvas surrounding your employees can be just as effective an engagement tool as the screens and papers in front of them.

We fell in love with this exhibition, celebrating the 40th anniversary of the Montreal Olympics Games. The designers have taken into consideration more than just the display cases and physical items on display, and fused it with the physical exhibition space. Attendees are taken on a journey through the space and become part of the exhibition itself.

It’s easy to dismiss this as big budget pipe dreams, but the lesson of considering the physical space around your message is one that can be applied to any communication – it can help you build in feelings, emotion, pride, culture and heritage too!

Below is a great example of how to consider the physical environment first and how it can be used to help tell a story. Without the square column, this message doesn’t work. On a round column, there wouldn’t be two sides to the story and there would be no journey of discovery.

So, the next time you’re thinking of placing new printed collateral in your business, consider how the physical environment can be integrated into the design and message in order to tell your story. Better still, book a meeting with our award-winning team, and we can go on a journey together…

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