18th Nov 2023
3 Min Read

WEBINAR | Telling the sustainability story

People & Change

Doom, gloom and the existential threat of climate change is all we seem to hear. So how can you drown out that catastrophic language to land a positive sustainability message that inspires action?

As extreme weather events continue to grab the headlines, countries, communities and companies are setting ever more ambitious targets to limit their emissions.

But communicating those essential changes comes at a price. Your people are constantly confronted with the costs of sustainability inaction – and the noise surrounding all things environment, social and governance is getting increasingly louder. So is it any wonder so many teams struggle to land sustainability messages?

Well, lucky for us – and as Deloitte points out – many of your people already care. In fact, “more than half of Gen Z (55 per cent) and millennials (54 per cent) say they research a company’s environmental impact and policies before accepting a job from them.”

Your people are already listening and they’re keen to act. So how can you cut through the noise to land your messages and keep driving your sustainability ambitions from the grassroots to the boardroom?

Well, it takes a little bit of creativity.

In this session, Russ Norton, director of client experience, Lindsay Kohler, lead behavioural scientist and Matthew Denford, sustainability engagement and campaigns lead, Deloitte, discuss the key components of a compelling sustainability story, best practice and inspiration for 2024.


  • Russ Norton, director of client experience, scarlettabbott
  • Lindsay Kohler, lead behavioural scientist, scarlettabbott
  • Matthew Denford, sustainability engagement and campaigns lead, Deloitte.

This webinar is part of the World Changers 2023 series.

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