15th Mar 2022
3 Min Read

Nurturing neurodiversity in the workplace

Russell Norton
Russell Norton
People & Change

It's time to think differently about how we think. Greater understanding about neurodiversity can help us collaborate, communicate and understand our own needs in the workplace.

But there's lots to do. Increasing awareness, advocating for neurodivergent people as well as enabling teams to support each other are all pieces of this puzzle. So, where do we start?

In this session, we talk with in-house professionals to explore the work they're doing to nurture neurodiversity in their organisations, empowering their teams to work better together.

In this session our expert panel explore:

  • How to start the conversation about neurodiversity in your organisation
  • The practical support and adjustments that neurodivergent people need
  • The importance of intersectionality and the overlaps with mental health and belonging


  • Elle Bradley-Cox, editorial consultant, scarlettabbott
  • Russ Norton, director of client experience, scarlettabbott
  • Grace Bolton, neurodiversty community lead, EY
  • Mary Buxton, senior manager, risk advisory, EY
  • Dr Jasmine Virhia, data and behavioural scientist, LSE

Want to skip to a specific section? Here are the timestamps:

Intro to the session and panel

02:27 Grace, tell us a bit about your work in this space at EY

05:14 Mary, what are your thoughts on starting the conversation?

12:05 Jasmine, you've been writing recently about considering neurodiversity at the recruitment stage. Tell us about that.

16:09 Russ, talk to us about intersectionality. How does that change our considerations around neurodiversity?

21:05 To be able to speak out about our needs requires a sense of psychological safety. Should that be a priority for organisations starting on this journey?

28:18 Are the stereotypes around neurodiversity starting to change?

34:03 What should internal comms teams consider around neurodiversity when introducing a new platform or channel?

36:34 Is it possible to create an environment where neurodivergent people can thrive without full understanding from the leadership team? Is enough being done to develop managers?

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