10th Apr 2023
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WEBINAR | Etiquette at work. 2023 and beyond

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Workplace etiquette used to mean ‘office’ etiquette. Don’t microwave fish, don’t hog a meeting room, don’t have your headphones on so loud everyone has to share your techno playlist. But today’s world of work is a very different place. How we show up and how we interact is entirely different.

This has two consequences:

Firstly, our professional brand at work is no longer about how we command a room or our subject matter expertise, it’s about how we make decisions and share our knowledge across physical and virtual spaces.

Secondly, our impact on others can be greatly amplified and yet is mostly invisible to us. A micro-interaction in a chat thread or an email sent at an insensitive time could throw off a colleague’s flow. And when we’re apart, we don’t have the time to heal and move on from conflict and we don’t always have the support systems we need to deal with issues at work.

What’s more, proximity bias means the people making decisions about pay rises and promotions are going to feel naturally more favourable about the people they see around them most often.

All of this has ramifications on performance:

  • How productive a team is
  • How likely people are to stay in their roles
  • How diverse and inclusive people say a team is
  • How efficiently decisions get made
  • How likely employees are to recommend somewhere as a place to work
  • How often workplace grievances arise.

So, where do we start in crafting a new workplace etiquette for the modern world of work? Catch up on the session for some inspiration.

Our roundtable

  • Russell Norton, director of consultancy, scarlettabbott
  • Melissa Woodhead, head of service line comms & engagement, EY UK&I

This webinar is part of the World Changers 2023 series.

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