30th Jun 2020
3 Min Read

ESNs vs Intranets. The digital future of internal communications

Tony Stewart
Tony Stewart
IC & Engagement

Never before have we relied so much on technology to help us get the job done. When lockdown became an inevitability, and we scrambled to take years of entrenched working practices and replicate them for a newly distributed workforce, we discovered opportunities and we found the gaps.

In our webinar, scarlettabbott head of digital Tony Stewart was joined by guest panellists:

  • Daniel Lambie, senior consultant, scarlettabbott
  • Wedge, intranet consultant, co-founder of Intranet Now

The panel took questions, debating whether the massive use-case experiment of 2020 has changed what we need? Will our new-found familiarity with enterprise social networks signal the end of the intranet? And what does the digital future look like for internal comms?

Watch the full session

Looking for a specific question? Here are the timestamps

02.40 Many organisations will now have recognised digital transformation needs and freed up some budget. Where should they start?

06.08 Many organisations rushed to put digital solutions in place for lockdown. Will these stand the test of time, post-pandemic?

12.27 Do you see employee apps, delivered via personal mobiles, earning a place within the digital IC ecosystem? Can such apps serve as knowledge management hubs that usurp the traditional Intranet?

18.29 In terms of user journey, experience or behaviour, what does ‘ideal‘ look like? Should colleagues be encouraged to, for example, have both Yammer and SharePoint? What should IC be encouraging?

20.19 Can you share some examples of tools people are using in service industries to bring front-line staff a clearer line of sight between organisational strategy and their role?

23.28 How important is content planning right now?

25.35 Any tips for mobile device management systems as a way to ‘package‘ apps based on persona?

27.00 Is there a good argument to get rid of internal email if we have an ESN?

30.35 What digital transformation positives have you seen?

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