7th Aug 2023
3 Min Read

WEBINAR | Digital dark age. Plugging the information black hole

Digital Transformation

It’s easy to think that, post-pandemic, we’re all masters of technology. Where lockdown forced us to work remotely, it was widely touted that workplaces advanced a decade in just 2 years.

But is that really true?

Well, according to the Digital Exclusion Report, produced by the Government’s Communications and Digital Committee, no.

The report’s finding reveal that “the Government’s ambition to make the UK a technology superpower and boost economic growth is being undermined by high levels of digital exclusion.“

And that ”by failing to take decisive action to tackle digital exclusion the Government is allowing millions of citizens to fall behind – with multi-billion-pound impacts on economic growth, public health and levelling up.“

Yikes! But why does this matter to us? Well, one stat in particular stood out to us. “5m workers will be acutely under-skilled in basic digital skills by 2030.”

If we’re continuing to collaborate with our colleagues in a hybrid workplace, we’re risking alienating the people in our organisations with digital skills gaps, with big impacts on retention, skills sharing, culture and the bottom line – according to the report, digital skills shortages cost the economy up to £63bn a year!

So, how can we make sure no-one is left in a digital dark age?


  • Tony Stewart, Head of Digital, scarlettabbott
  • Natasha Ilsley, Head of Colleague Communication & Engagement at Esure.

This webinar is part of the World Changers 2023 series.

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