12th Jun 2023
3 Min Read

WEBINAR | D&I in the workplace: is it time for the stick?

People & Change

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Your diversity and inclusion (D&I) efforts have bought you progress, but what if it’s time to take a stronger approach? What if, to bring about real organisational change, it’s time to employ the proverbial stick and take a harder stance on calling out and identifying unacceptable behaviours?

Your people and your prospective employees look to you to create an environment in which everyone can feel and do their best. If your D&I policies are not explicit enough you risk demonstrating your inaction. It’s up to you to bring the policies and the progress you want to see happen.

In this session, D&I champion Russ Norton and special guest Jessica Chu, Group Head of Diversity and Inclusion at RS Group chat about:

  • The current D&I landscape and whether organisations are being tough enough.
  • Who’s responsible? Where comms ends and compliance begins
  • Who’s getting it right and what lessons can we learn from orgs who’ve missed the mark

This webinar is part of the World Changers 2023 series.

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