12th Jul 2019
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Top of the Ops(Comms)

Russell Norton
Russell Norton
People & Change

Mic drop – Operational communications aren’t all about the lead vocals.

Engagement. Wellbeing. Discretionary effort – just a short list of some of the hits internal communications teams have helped their organisations tune in to. Much like the rock starts we know and love, internal communications teams have set the stage for some big anthems in their businesses.

Whether it’s embedding a strategy or rolling out new values, internal communicators are increasingly responsible for more complex and meaningful projects which can quickly become the stars of the show.

However, there is another, just as important, field of internal communications that doesn’t always get its fair share of the limelight: Operational Communications.

A solid backing track for internal communications

Operational communications (OpsComms) are the regular instructions and briefings that ensure work gets done, changes get implemented and people stay up to speed with the pace of large businesses.

Despite their role as the backing singers to the lead vocalist of strategic or cultural campaigns, OpsComms are still an important part of any key change.

Savvy internal communications teams can take inspiration from the best practices utilised in the big stage productions, applying them to the smaller gigs in their organisation.

So, how can we turn those everyday compliance, safety and backbone communications into smash hits? Download the full infographic for the full track list of tips.

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