26th Jan 2022
3 Min Read

The future looks bright. How to build optimism

Lindsay Kohler
Lindsay Kohler
People & Change

"How optimistic do you feel about your workplace now versus this time last year?"

We asked the comms community this question. It was reassuring to see that the majority of respondents felt a sense of optimism about their world of work now, compared to last year.

But if you're struggling to find and hold onto that positivity yourself, now is a good time to understand the behavioural drivers behind optimism.

This month’s World Changers featured article, Back to the future, explores what we can learn from history — and how to use that new-found knowledge to look onwards and upwards into 2022.

We know we’re not completely out of the woods when it comes to the challenges of the past two years, but optimistic and inspiring leaders draw tremendous strength from adversity and use this to further improve themselves and those around them.

But where does optimism come from? In short, it comes from the belief that things can be better, and that we have the power to influence that. That belief typically originates from three sources:

  • Our experience — have we succeeded in a situation like this before?
  • Our confidence in our own skills and abilities
  • Our confidence in the skills and abilities of those around us

So, what lessons will you take from your experience? What skills have you honed or new abilities did you acquire during these strange times that will help future you succeed?

Learn more about optimism in Even Better If: Building Better Businesses, Better Leaders, and Better Selves. The chapter contains lots of practical advice and insight, such as:

  • Why no one is inspired by safe and easy
  • Why optimists are more effective leaders
  • Measuring how optimistic you are
  • Managing your optimistic state
  • Eight exercises that build optimism
  • Developing a team culture of optimism

And while you’re here - get the Even Better 2022 companion workbook to help make your 2022 goals a reality.

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