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24th Jun 2019
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Office365. Unleash the internal comms potential

Tony Stewart
Tony Stewart
IC & Engagement

Are you making the most of Office365? More than just a productivity tool, it’s bursting with potential for employee engagement.Head of Digital Tony Stewart gives us the inside track.

If you haven’t switched over already, it’s probably on its way. Office365 is being rolled out in organisations across the world right now. But while your CEO loves its productivity power, internal comms specialists have another reason to rejoice at Microsoft’s big hitter: the wealth of employee engagement and collaborative tools that come all wrapped up in the 365 package.

From Yammer to Teams and beyond, it’s clear this suite presents fantastic opportunities for internal communications teams. But nobody wants to spam their staff with myriad messages on a cacophony of channels. So where do you start?

The basics: What is Office365 and why are businesses adopting it?

Office365 is a cloud-based iteration of Microsoft’s Office Suite and includes updates to the tools you know and love – Word, Outlook, SharePoint and the like – while also introducing powerful new platforms including Teams and Stream too. Oh, and that old friend to internal communications, Yammer, is in the mix too.

A home in the cloud means that collaboration lies at the very heart of 365’s point-scoring over the old Office we knew and (sometimes) loved. Document-sharing, remote working, as well as access to work, news and content from mobile devices, are now a breeze. No surprise really – Microsoft’s radar must be buzzing with the shift towards flexible working practices and reaching employee audiences not regularly at a desk.

Honing the internal communications angle

Naturally, your IT team’s priority is rolling out such a big change with minimal disruption. Getting 365 on the screens of hundreds, even thousands, of colleagues across your locations is a pretty Herculean challenge. So it’s understandable that it doesn’t leave them much room to explore what the new features mean for employee engagement.

So I‘ve done it for you. Take a look at this helpful video for internal communications professionals, and you’ll get a brief overview, plus a closer look at four of the key platforms and what they could do for you.

Worth a watch? Office365 thinks so…

Ready to embrace Office365 in your organisation?

Rather than poring over a hot screen all by yourself, trying to puzzle it out, book our Optimising Office356 workshop. Come armed with your organisation’s goals and we’ll use our best 365 smarts to match those ambitions to the tools best-placed to make your life easier. We’ll point you in the right direction to create a smooth strategy to reach your employees and deliver those vital business objectives.

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