30th Dec 2021
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Even Better If Hits Bestseller Status

Lindsay Kohler
Lindsay Kohler
IC & Engagement

Well we did it. We are so humbled and honoured that Even Better If reached #1 in the Kindle Store for Business Skills and Management Science within 24 hours of the launch.

Copies of Even Better If have been landing on the doormats and downloading to the Kindles of leaders and comms pros across the globe over the past few weeks and we’ve loved hearing their feedback.

Here’s a few of our favourites:

    A leadership book, but not as you know it

    "This book is a really great read. It’s crammed full of practical and digestible case studies and draws on years of experience providing advice on everything from team coaching to employee wellbeing. Would definitely recommend." – Hayley M

    Buy this book!

    "As an HR Director, I was looking for a book that offered various approaches to areas such as Change and Leadership, but that provided enough detail for us to develop these ideas for ourself within the business. Many books claim to do this, but actually only serve as a shop window, so you're forced to approach the author and pay a fortune in consultancy - Even Better If is different!

    It's practical, no nonsense and easy to find what you need...effectively it's three book in one, with each book divided into three chapters. The writing style is light and honest, and the exercises are easy to understand and implement. We've already used the GOD principle with our leadership team and it's gone down a storm. Highly recommended." – Patrick Hill

    Business meets behavioural science

    "I recommend this book because it's the Venn diagram sweet spot of business, leadership, and behavioral science. I feel the topics are relevant to my work environment--especially as designing positive employee experiences is becoming a business imperative. The book highlights emerging issues like combining psychological safety with physical safety and loneliness at work. Although all the topics are serious, the writing is relatable because humorous examples are used to supplement research and real-life stories. The book is also organized well. It is broken down into three parts (Better Business, Better Leaders, and Better Selves) which don't need to be read in order. Each part has three chapters with useful summaries at the end. All chapters contain real stories, tips, and research-based actions to apply at work." – Chadd Thomas

    Finally…a wonderfully practical business book

    "This is an easy-to-read, insightful and practical guide on how to create a more positive work environment and a happier, healthier you in the process. It's full of authentic stories, practical tips and effective exercises and resources, and it's well organised with useful end-of-chapter wrap-ups, making it super simple to reference." – Rosanne Bonanno

      Our huge thanks to everyone who has purchased a copy. And for those of you who haven’t, well, what are you waiting for?

      To start the new year off right, Rachel, Charlie and I will be hosting a session to share insights, wisdom and practical advice on how to make 2022 even better, as a leader, as a business and for yourself. We’ve got a few special guests joining us, and spaces are very limited. So, get yourself signed up, and let’s make 2022 Even Better.

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