15th Mar 2023
3 Min Read

Digi digest | Digital screens and why I love ‘em

Tony Stewart
Tony Stewart
IC & Engagement

It’s 2023.

Hybrid working is an established reality and fewer of us are traveling into an office to do the things we’re employed to do. So, then, why on Earth would my hot take on Internal Comms channels be digital signage?

Well ...

As we continue to get the balance right on hybrid working, understanding the things that make working in an office unique and valuable is important. And understanding how channels that support employee engagement, culture and comms in these physical spaces is a big part of that.

I believe digital signage can bring interesting, novel and experiential IC storytelling to life, and capture the attention of those who’ve commuted in.


It allows us to be super visual. High-end animation, photography and video bring IC messaging to life. TikTok has proven that you can engage in exciting ways in seconds. Digital signage can, and should, echo platforms like this.

It’s novel. This channel is unique to the office, and novelty is an excellent way to capture attention.

It’s cheap. The cost of screens, and the tech to support them, isn’t as high as you might imagine.

It’s evolved. We’re seeing more providers provide accessible, easy-to-use platforms that allow teams to create, target and upload messages to screens around their business in second. And, of course, QR codes have had a bit of a revival in the last couple of years. Their familiarity allows us to do some nifty ‘real world to digital’ signposting, too.

Could digital signage help support your IC goals and objectives? Let's talk.

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