16th Jan 2023
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Digi-digest. Digital ‘ins and outs’ for 2023 (and beyond)

Tony Stewart
Tony Stewart
IC & Engagement

It’s the time of year when our social feeds become awash with upcoming trends and ‘hot or not’ lists. Hey, we’re proudly part of that bandwagon.

When it comes to the topic of technology and digital channels, it can be particularly tempting to look to the new, the shiny, the most ground-breaking and innovative new toys on the market. But for me? I’m all about getting the foundations right. After all, the whizziest platform will fail if you don’t apply the right behaviours.

With that said, here’s my digital ‘In or Out’ list for 2023 (and beyond):

OUT is assuming that people just know what platforms are available, how to use them, and what good looks like.

IN is using the platforms already in your business to communicate and collaborate. They're probably better than you think!


OUT is using messy WhatsApp groups or outdated distribution lists to communicate with your people.

IN is proper ‘bring your own device’ policies that allow your people to do the things they need to do, on the platforms they like to use.


OUT are long text-heavy newsletters that go on and on and on.

IN are summary newsletters, which are short and simple and allow people to consume long form or mosaic content if they're interested in the topic.


OUT is boadcast news. ‘Here is the news.’ ‘That is the news.’ Not very engaging, is it?

IN is a place for people to talk about the news that you're sharing. To create discussion and dialogue about the subjects are important to your business and your people.


OUT is measuring the success of your digital platform by the amount of clicks that an internet article go or the amount of likes that a CEO post received.

IN are meaningful metrics which allow you to see how collaborative, how engaged, how connected and how happy your employees are, using the digital platforms that you've made available to them.


OUT are two-hour long CEO town hall videos which are simply lifted and dumped on the internet.

IN are summarised, edited videos of the Town Hall that are clearly signposted with highlighted topics so that people can navigate to the bit that they want to watch. And subtitles!

It’s not ground-breaking stuff – and that’s the point. These are good digital practices which should become the standard in our online internal communications. But it can be daunting knowing how to start. If you want to chat about the digital landscape in your business, and how to create a better experience for your people, do get in touch.

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