Transformation and organisational change.

Business transformation may be high on the agenda of many organisations in the coming months. Hard truths can’t be sugar-coated but articulating your plans properly will be crucial to their success. Explaining change in a compassionate and compelling way will help bring people on the journey with you.
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How we can help.

Understand the big picture

We know that people typically move through change at different paces, so understanding who will be impacted when, and what that means for communication and engagement can be vital.

We’ll support you to develop a strategy that provides a layered approach, which has the needs of your audiences at its heart.

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Partnering with colleagues

A transformation has many moving parts and a host of different stakeholders, and to deliver effective communication, we need to work with them all.

We’ll equip you with everything you need to plan, track, and manage activity, building leader confidence in the change and how it’s being communicated.

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Define a single source of the truth

Call it a burning platform, call it a change narrative, call it by a jazzy strapline – either way, every great change programme needs a clear vision of the future, and an idea of the journey required to get there.

Our consultants and writers will craft a narrative and messaging house that clearly explains the objectives, rationale and impact of your transformation plans.

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Make change real to individual employees

Large change programmes look and feel very different to an individual employee depending on the extent to which their own team is impacted.

To help them make sense of change, we can create the toolkits and resources needed to have meaningful team conversations that ground high-scale change in day-to-day reality.

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Make change relevant to each team

Leaders and line managers are crucial in translating change from a theoretical idea to practical actions.

Our toolkits can be tailored so that employees discover more about how change will impact them and what they need to do differently.

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