Setting your sustainability strategic narrative in a day.

Create a plan to engage your colleagues with compelling stories around your sustainability strategy.
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IC teams looking to set a new sustainability strategy
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The workshop.

The workshop

Today, it’s a given that responsibility for the planet lies with every organisation and individual living and working on it. But it’s not just about saying you’re doing good. It’s about doing it, engaging your people and measuring your impact along the way. And the added bonus is realising a clear business benefit.

Colleagues and consumers alike are rightly demanding to know exactly what businesses are doing to follow sustainable practices. While having an ambitious plan in place is vital, demonstrating the proof is important too. That’s why every organisation needs to create a unifying and stretching narrative around its sustainability plan, for both internal and external audiences.

This workshop is all about telling the unique story of your business’s sustainability strategy: how you’re moving beyond box-ticking into tactical, measurable actions and real impact. We’ll help you unearth and articulate the key parts of that narrative, share best-practice ideas for engaging colleagues and contribute our expertise to brainstorming ideas to build an exciting and robust bespoke campaign.

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“Investor interest has risen significantly as one of the most important drivers of companies’ sustainability efforts, with 40% of companies citing it as a key factor, a 15 percentage point increase from 2018.”
Robert G. Eccles and Svetlana Klimenko for Harvard Business Review

Our interactive session will...

Help you craft your bespoke sustainability narrative. We’ll define and segment your audiences, achieve a laser focus for your campaign objectives and tactics – from the economic to the emotional, the global or the local. We’ll share examples of best practice by exploring campaign types, treatments and tactics, while discussing strengths and sharing context specific to your business.

You’ll leave our session motivated to take the next steps towards bringing your sustainability communications strategy to life. You’ll be armed with exciting ideas around your campaign hook, a deeper understanding of the potential barriers and risks that could impact success, and best-practice examples to help increase engagement with your sustainability goals.

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Your facilitators

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Lisa Hawksworth
Senior consultant
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Alastair Atkinson
Senior consultant

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