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Some people say that measuring the effectiveness of internal communications is difficult – we beg to differ! There’s no one-size-fits-all approach, but that’s why we’ve developed a range of measurement solutions to help you uncover the data and feedback you need to make informed decisions about your best next steps.
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How to measure internal communications.

You need a full IC audit:

Undertaking research periodically enables you to understand which channels are performing and why, as well as getting to grips with what your audiences want and need. Our five-phase IC audit is a best practice research method that results in robust recommendations that you can put into action.

IC audits

You need a longer-term measurement strategy

Our clients often tell us they don’t know what to measure, or how. That they have too much, or too little data, or that resource is tight but they still need to demonstrate their performance to stakeholders and make improvements. Our long-term strategy makes measurement simple, focusing on objectives and measuring only what you need to measure, simply and regularly.

Can I measure

You need to prove the ROI of a campaign

Campaigns lasting six months or less are sometimes measured at the end, sometimes at the start, and on a lot of occasions, not at all. IC teams tell us that this lack of insight gets in their way – they want the information that will help them to react during the campaign. Our short-term measurement strategies enable you to track the impact of your campaign throughout.


You need to find out how your people are feeling

Sentiment tracking is a simple way to track the effective of internal communications. By comparing how people feel before and after they received a message, you can see your impact. Our Moodchecker is a quick-deploy tool to help you gather data from your people at the click of a few buttons.

How do they feel

You need help running focus groups

It can be even harder to get people together to test ideas and gather feedback, as teams are split and face-to-face sessions are almost impossible. Our experienced facilitators can help lighten the load by running virtual workshops with 6-12 people at a time, to get insight on any topic you need to find out more about


Your facilitator

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