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Strategy through storytelling
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in a nutshell

Baker McKenzie used storytelling techniques to launch their new strategy to the Firm. Members of their senior team shared personal stories and anecdotes to bring the various elements of the strategy to life.


the challenge

When global law firm, Baker McKenzie launched their new strategy, it had to resonate with colleagues, ensuring engagement from the very start.

the response & delivery

What better way than storytelling?

Over a series of short workshops, we identified personal stories for each of the leaders that linked to an element of the strategy. We coached them in the skills and techniques of storytelling, so that when they presented at their town hall events, colleagues not only understood what the strategy included but also why the senior team believed it to be the right strategy and it’s importance.

the impact

The format enabled the team to break down the strategy into manageable, comprehensible chunks and explain why each element is important, immediately becoming credible advocates of the strategy.

Feedback on the event showed 95% of colleagues better understood the strategy as a result of the session.

what did our client say about it?

“Using storytelling techniques gave our people the context they needed to understand what the strategy meant for the business, and more importantly, what it meant for them, their role and what they could do to make the strategy work.”

Laura Webb du Preez, Internal Communications Manager