28th Aug 2020
3 Min Read

VIDEO | Mind the skills gap. Are IC teams ready for a digital future?

Kate Went
Kate Went
Digital Transformation

There’s a cartoon floating around the internet which poses the question; ‘who accelerated digital transformation in your organisation? The CEO, the CTO or Covid-19?’ It’s not an outrageous suggestion. Many businesses that had tinkered around the edges of an innovation overhaul for years have, in 2020, found themselves forced to dive in headfirst in order to keep afloat.

Months into lockdown, with remote working the ‘new normal’ we never saw coming, IC teams have had their hands full. From hosting virtual global conferences and navigating Zoom to taking on video and podcast editor roles, possessing an extended suite of digital skills has never been so in demand for an internal communicator.

But without the time to prepare pre-pandemic, and little opportunity to reflect as we keep driving forward, this learning curve has been steep. Are internal comms teams getting the support they need as their roles and remits expand? Are IC teams managing to measure the impact of all this innovation and how can they best prepare for the months ahead as demands increase and budgets shrink?

scarlettabbott senior consultant Matt Cassell and head of digital Tony Stewart take questions on the digital future for internal communications.

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Looking for a specific question? Here are the timestamps

00:00 Session outline

02:19 In terms of digital transformation, what‘s surprised you most over the last 6 months?

04:48 Let‘s have a little clarity around what we mean by ‘digital.‘ It‘s a broad term – what‘s the focus for internal comms?

10:43 When lockdown happened there was a reactive scramble to get platforms running for remote collaboration. Now we need to have a more focused digital strategy, where do we start?

14:42 How can we help and upskill those lone wolves who have to provide comms support in smaller, isolated countries? They‘re on the team but probably only virtually, filling two roles and spending their time in HR or Marketing.

19:11 How are you replicating high-value/high-production live events in remote scenerio so that the sessions that would normally be served this way do not feel like yet another standard video call?

27:02 We found a lot of success with communities online, like new mum groups, film clubs and so on. How do we keep that momentum going, and should we, as we begin to return to the office or is it too much noise?

33:41 Our CEO has really embraced digital channels, video content and podcasting as a way to communicate across the business but we’re a very small team and don’t have all the skills needed. How do we prioritise where to put our time?

40:25 ‘Online‘ seems to equate faster communications: publish + send = done. But we know as humans we don‘t always catch the call to action. How can we slow it down and make messages ‘stick‘?

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