Surfacing your values.

Surfacing values

Think of values as a translator between the loftier purpose and the practical, day-to-day actions to live out that purpose and get things done.

Values often have more emotion attached to them then purpose, and that emotion is a strong motivator of behaviour.

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What we'll do

  • Engage stakeholders via our ECHO model
  • Co-create a values map with your people via focus groups and a digital survey
  • Playback our values findings
  • Refine and ratify your values to land on the final set of values
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What you'll get

  • Your values map
  • Your new set of company values
  • Your values “code of conduct” guide.

Different people will have different understandings of particular words and will therefore be guided towards different outcomes by them.

It’s very important to share the context behind each of your values: why it’s so important round here, what the risk is if we don’t demonstrate it, and the personal connection that your senior leaders have to it. This gives a fuller meaning and more nuance to each individual word.

We are also well-placed to help you launch your values to the business.

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