William Carnegie.

Senior consultant

William is a senior consultant who applies a wealth of knowledge gained from a diverse career spanning advertising, technology, retail and professional services, to developing human-centric internal communications campaigns, with authenticity and creativity at their heart.

William joined us in 2021, after starting out his working life as an advertising copywriter in Zimbabwe and South Africa, developing work for the likes of Barclays, Goodyear and Gilbeys Distillers (J&B, Smirnoff). He moved to the UK as the millennium turned, and briefly dabbled in technology, before the call of comms became too loud and he was lured back towards the brand, marketing and communications side, where he’s remained ever since.

The flashing blue lights of technology maintain their fascination, as do the worlds of film and animation. It’s the harmonious interplay of these disciplines and their combined ability to transmit powerful, evocative messages that continues to excite him.

‘We’re living in a time of remarkable social, political and technological disruption, a time of rapid change where the need for clear, honest communication has never been greater. Our role as communicators is to cut through the tsunami of information (and misinformation) and help our clients speak to their people in one unified, engaging, authentic voice ‘

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