In the moment sentiment testing among your audiences across specific timeframes, events, campaigns or on a continual basis on a particular channel.
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Moodchecker© helps you:

  • Track sentiment
  • Measure in the moment
  • Inform decision making


Moodchecker© is a quick-deploy feedback app to gauge continual and in-the-moment sentiment among your audiences. It gives instant measurement on change in engagement, understanding, perception and mood, so you can make good decisions, based on authentic, real-time data.


Measuring the performance of your internal communications is the best way to deliver your key strategic messages successfully. More importantly, it’s crucial in working out whether those messages have been understood – and acted on.

When you only measure performance through a survey at a single point during the year – typically through an engagement survey – campaigns, events and activity that fall between these points are often missed and left unmeasured. Furthermore, your overall results are skewed based on what’s happening when your survey is delivered.


Employees let you know how they’re feeling by choosing from a bespoke selection of icons or images, representing different emotions. The data is instant, anonymous, and gives you an extra layer of insight about your internal communications activity.

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