The short-term and time-bound measurement of specific projects, events or campaigns.
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Impact© helps you:

  • Measure the short-term impact of a campaign
  • Present data simply and visually
  • Demonstrate performance versus objective


Impact© drills down on the detail of a definitive activity or timeframe. The visual online dashboard pulls in data from two or three main sources to demonstrate how you’re performing on a specific time-bound campaign.


Campaigns lasting six months or less are sometimes measured at the end, sometimes at the start, and on a lot of occasions, not at all. Internal communications teams tell us that this lack of insight gets in their way – they want the information that will help them to react during the campaign. Impact consolidates key data regularly – even feeding in direct from sentiment trackers like moodchecker – to present a simple, live update of performance right through the campaign. It gives you the power to identify where you might need to focus or where course corrections are needed.


We kick off with a light-touch Discovery Workshop, where our scarlettabbott measurement experts will work with you to establish what you need – the measures and timeframes – before building the information into an online dashboard. How you use the data is over to you but we’re on hand to advise throughout the campaign, or to provide analysis and recommendations at the end of the project.

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